Affordable Vehicle Insurance Quotes

Affordable Vehicle Insurance Quotes


Auto insurance quotes are based on your situation, the coverage you want, and the discounts the company offers. Opportunities to find cheap auto insurance quotes include when you move from state to state, when you add a car to your policy, when you get married or celebrate a birthday. If you don’t want to spend all day dealing with auto insurance companies, be prepared with the following information for accurate online auto insurance prices.


Fill in some basic information about your car and your family’s drivers and you can get an auto insurance quote in minutes. The cost of insurance is calculated based on the information you provide, such as the age of the applicant, the model of the car you drive, where you live and your driving history. One of the best ways to get cheap auto insurance is to compare auto insurance quotes for similar coverage to find the lowest price. Some drivers looking for cheap auto insurance may find it helpful to get quotes from companies with lower market share.

According to our analysis of driver reviews, companies offer the cheapest insurance after an accident. Several smaller auto insurance companies offer lower average annual premiums than any of the other major insurance companies listed above. Instead of taking risks with certain insurance companies, you can get premium coverage that won’t put Nationwide out of business. Average Annual Rates for Company Minimum Coverage Annual Cost Difference Between Minimum Coverage and Full Coverage Major Auto Insurance Rates Allstate $759 $1,622 Farmers $656 $1,174 Geico $380 $888 Progressive $577 $985 State Farm $550 $941 USAA*$ 419 $751 From Small Company’s Inexpensive Auto Insurance Secura $287 $536 MMG $309 $530 Hastings Mutual $419 $491 Mutual of Enumclaw $469 $613 Central Insurance $491 $599 USAA *For Military, Veterans and Military Families only.


In other states (as you can see below), your cheapest insurance cost could be closer to $150. Below are five popular cheap providers taken from our table above and each company’s average monthly rates for full coverage auto insurance for a driver with a net record and a fine after speeding, breaking down or drunk driving. Auto insurance can cost an average of $1,674 a year, or about $140 a month for full coverage, and it can be difficult for many drivers to know which companies offer the best rates. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), auto insurance companies may offer higher rates to drivers with lower credit scores to offset this high risk.


If you live in a place with a high accident rate, usually in urban areas, expect to pay more for auto insurance than if you live in a region with limited traffic. Depending on the auto insurance provider, premium rates can fluctuate in the thousands of dollars a year. Insurance rates are individual and based on many individual factors. USAA eligible drivers looking to save money should always get an offer from USAA; consistently has some of the cheapest fares in the country.


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