Everything about click through rate in google – 2020

Click through rate 

             In this article we are going to learn all about click through rate so just you need to do is search for your required topic and get the complete view about click through rate on Adsence , Blogger , youtube , etc…


click through rate


What is click through rate 

            The number of clicks you get from an posts ,videos, or a Advertisements in google are calculated under click through rate ( ctr ) In some cases it is necessary to have highest click through rate to rank first, but in some case it will affect your Rankings badly so that you must take care of your ctr 

CTR Differences 

               Every sources in google and other Social platforms define click through rate mainly in its cpc factor we can find CTR in,
  • Google search console,
  • Google Analytics,
  • Google Adsense,
  • Webmaster,
  • Youtube, etc..
Each has Ctr but in different forms ( i.e )
        Your youtube click through rate want to be higher to rank it first but when you come to your youtube Adsence accout it must be lesser than 15% because if you get high ctr in Adsence means it will affect your Earnings and also may lead to loose your adsence account 

What is a good click through rate 

           good click through rate may vary when we compared to others but experienced person says that it is important to keep average click through rate for every source let we explain 


  • Average ctr for youtube = 2 % – 10 %
  • For Youtube Adsence = must be lesser than 15 %
  • Average ctr for Blogger = 0.7 % – 5 %
  • Average ctr for Google search console =10 % – 20 %
  • Average ctr for Google Analytics = More than 10 %


    This may vary from time to time but these are the average click through rate taken ( Google doesn’t Tell the Average Ctr for any sources )



How to calculate click through rate 

        you can easily calculate your ctr from your calculator using the given formula
   Ctr = Total number of clicks you get divided by Total number of Impressions and this multiplied by hundred
                                        Total clicks 
   Formula for ctr = ——————————— × 100
                                    Total impression



Reduce Adsense Click through rate 

       If you get higher ctr in your Adsence account means you must reduce it because it’s compulsory to maintain a low ctr in Adsence to safeguard your account 
click through rate


Method to Reduce High CTR

  •     You can Reduce your Click through rate in Adsence easily Here are the steps,
  • Open your Adsence account and click on Ads Settings
  • If you are getting high ctr in your site means just disable the Auto Ads on your site 
  • And also remove the Ads Code from your articles 


  • But on youtube just Remove the Ads from the particular video which increasing your ctr


click through rate


  • By following these steps you can Reduce it  ( Follow this method till your ctr Reduces to average ) 


  These are the Basic information about click through rate you can get more information from this page so stay connected 



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