Fastest mobile network in india 2020


                  In India, there are many Many mobiles network providers like AIRTEL, JIO, VODAFONE , BSNL, etc..

Fastest mobile network in india 2020

All these networks were used by people in India and these networks have a good profile in Indians Especially JIO network upgraded Indian Technology By Their previous offers in  (27/12/2015) JIO published in India on that time people in India don’t use the Internet 🌐  but after JIO came with an offer (  UNLIMITED 3G & UNLIMITED CALLING ) 

many People in India Bought JIO SIM and Started using it ( sim network link Aircel, idea loosen half of their customers But jio continuous gives UNLIMITED SERVICE FOR THE FIRST YEAR They only charges 199 Rs per month

( But now they increased their offer price and also decreased their offers but compared to other networks it’s little Good in offers )


HERE, In September 2020 ( Vodafone & Idea )
Joined together, and designed a new network 
( VI™ )

Fastest mobile network in india 2020

  this network also offers some good deals and also this is the fastest network in India at this stage ( I’ve personally used  and giving this review ) it’s faster than JIO network and also has Less Ping 

Fastest mobile network in india 2020

You can consider ( Vi ) Network if you are searching for the fastest internet service 
It’s probably giving 6-8 MB Download speed and also an Unbeatable upload speed compared to other mobile networks 


Fastest mobile network in india 2020

These are the Plans Available on VI network !!

Check out !

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