Fix Computer Monitor Black Screen at Home | Easy way to Fix Black Screen Monitor in 2021


Here we come to the main reason, This issue occurs because of some Hardware issue on the computer in some cases there is also a chance of software problems but mainly it occurs because of the hardware damages like ( MOTHERBOARD ) ( RAM ) ( PROCESSOR ) ( SMPS ) etc… 
Fix Computer Monitor Black Screen
Computer Monitor Black Screen


we cant say that this will be the reason for this issue unless analyzing the CPU completely but it’s not necessary to visit computer service center for this problem because it is quite simple to fix this issue at home lets find out the way to fix this problem 


  • First of all you need to open the one side of the CPU ( cabinet ) side shield and if there any dust just clean it up
Fix Computer Monitor Black Screen


  • After that you need to check the RAM ( check is that ram got burst ) if not just clean the ram with a cotton material without damaging it. Also you can open whatsapp groups using high RAM.
 ( NOTE : while removing the RAM from its Slot just do it carefully by tapping the both sides of the ram first )
  • If you didn’t notice any damage in it then Attach the ram carefully in its slot by giving an little bit pressure on it 
Fix Computer Monitor Black Screen


  • And the next step is to check SMPS wires which connected to the mother board because that may also be the reason for this issue ( just you need to unplug and Plug it once by cleaning it )
  • The above three steps are simple to do but when we come to the next step is to be done very carefully and also this will Cent percent works to solve this issue 
Fix Computer Monitor Black Screen
Processor Fan


  • On the motherboard you need to remove the Processor fan 

( NOTE : you can’t remove it just by pulling, you need to turn four of the locks which helps the fan to mount on the motherboard Just turn it anti clock wise  direction once so that it will be unlocked Now pull it up carefully ) 

     Make sure you’ve turned the locks correctly 
  • After removing the FAN you need to plug out the connection from the fan to Motherboard ( NOTE : Check the fan is in working condition or Not before reinstalling it )
  • Then here we come to the main step _ this Black Screen problem on the monitor may occur mainly because of the motherboard &  Processor, so now Open the processor case ( i.e ) Lock by giving an little pressure on the pin and release it gently 
  • After that open the safety plate from the motherboard so now your mother board is visible (you need to take it carefully from the mother board because its very sensitive ) 
Fix Computer Monitor Black Screen
Processor Slot


  • So just clean the processor and place it on the same posture and close the shield and lock it correctly after that you need to place some thermal paste on it because its necessary to prevent the Processor from heat
Fix Computer Monitor Black Screen


  • Then place the fan on its slot and lock it by pressing the four ends partially by giving little pressure because in some cases the pins were damaged and also connect the cable 
  • After finishing all of these steps just you need to check the wires and connection on the motherboard once and now you are ready to start your PC close the CPU case correctly and tight the screws behind the case 
Fix Computer Monitor Black Screen


  • Turn on the CPU now you will be fixed if you face this error again means just do this steps one by one ( in case if you are still facing the Black Screen issue means just take your CPU to an good service center ) Because some computer service centers try to fool you
  • If you guys searching for good service centers means i can help you with that ( just contact me ) 

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