Fix This Domain name is parked Free, Courtesy of Hostinger Error Now 2021

This domain name is parked FREE , courtesy of Hostinger.

This domain name is parked FREE , courtesy of Hostinger

In this article you can easily find out to fix This domain name is parked FREE , courtesy of Hostinger error from your website when you search without www extension you may get this error 


The main reason for this error is when you connected  your  domain without Redirections Google’s  IP’s  in the correct formation you may get this error  or  if you make a  mistake while connecting your  domain to your hostinger DNS Records. these are the two  reason for This domain name is parked free Error courtesy of ( your Hosting platform ) error


  • You can easily fix this error by  the upcoming steps

  • First of all login to your hostinger ID then open the product section now you can find your domain there

  • From the  domain which you getting the Parked Error go onto the DNS option  of the domain

This domain name is parked FREE , courtesy of Hostinger

  • Make sure there is no  parked error  occurred there and now just go on to the Google redirections by clicking here

  • Now scroll down there and find the  IP numbers for the Redirections and now copy the  first IP and returned back to the  hostinger   DNS  and name server option

This domain name is parked FREE , courtesy of Hostinger

 ( IMP ) Then select the new type as A  from the manage DNS records and select the name as @  then finally you need to  paste the IP on the   points to tab

  • Again go back to the Google page  and copy the  second IP there and again come back to the hostinger DNS name server option and select the new type of a from the manage DNS records

  • Do the same for  those four IP’s  on the manage DNS records of the  hostinger domain and after finishing the four  records you just need to refresh the page

  • Make sure done all of these steps correctly because these are the main reason for your  redirections of your website

  • And check the CNAME you entered is perfectly correct while you Connecting your custom domain to your hosting

  • If you are using Godaddy you just need to do the same steps on that DNS page but one more thing you need to do there  is   to select the forward option from the DNS page

  • And enter your  domain with www extension and save it permanently on Godaddy forward option  of your  domain you might also get  domain is parked free courtesy of Godaddy

If  you purchased the domain from Godaddy website  ( parked Error )

This steps also helps you in any platform of the dormant seller the main thing is to redirect your domain perfectly otherwise you get this error surely

  • Make sure to tap on the redirections option from your hosting platform If you are using  Google’s  blogger  go onto the settings option

  • And click on redirection button of your domain so that the next time if you search your website without www extension  you will be processed

You will be  solved now !!

This domain is  parked free courtesy of hostinger error  moves out  from your site now and if you are still getting this error just contact us from the options below


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