Fix ” your connection is not private ” error in Google Chrome

Your Connection is not private 


This Content is not same as other’s in Google this is mainly for Bloggers but also Normal daily visitors will be solved ( bloggers who all are facing Your Connection is not private error on your own websites read this blog carefully ) this will completely fix this error from your website 

your connection is not private error

Purchasing Domain :

             There are many ways to own a Personal domain that may be a Custom Domain or a Sub Domain but when you noticed that there is an secure state of Connection for all free domains we got from the service providers

            But if you bought an Domain from a Provider  ( eg )

for a sum of amount on the particular cart you traveled to buy that domain you will be asked to buy an SSL certificate with that same purchase but many will skip and finished their order without SSL certificate

                 This decesion of skipping the certificate will be affect your website ( Not for Google Free Hosting – Blogger ) when you work on your Paid Hosting or any free hosting other than blogger.

Domain Setup :

Your Connection is not private

                 After the purchase of custom domain you need to attach it with your hosting service, there on your hosting  dashboard Select the custom domain and Enter your Domain Name you bought ( ) enter it on the asked column and before  Save here are the important things you need to Follow  

If you forgot to do this steps correctly you will face this error ( your Connection is not private ) on your website 


The hosting service will give you some Host url and Name and ask you to feed that in your Domain provider’s DNS management it’s not a Big task just do this steps 

  •    Open your Domain provider and enter myproducts

  •    Select the particular domain joined in the host

  •   Click on Manage DNS and select Records Tab

  •   Add ( CNAME ) and ( A ) Tab on the Records with the particular Names you got from your Hosting 

  And then importantly you need to Add  4 ( A ) tab in the same Records this is the main reason for the problem ( your Connection is not private ) on your Website 

  •   For that click here you will get the Required fillings from Google 

  •   Copy one by one and place it on separate ( A ) Tab and after the chages saved leave from the page 

  •    Open your hosting service and Now click on Save now you will be perfectly added your custom domain on your website

SSL certificate :

        SSL certificate required for your website ( Not for Google Blogger ) when you wish to provide Secure Page for your Viewers this SSL certificates now Given for free from many Websites just google it to get it for free but when comes to Blogger you will get 100% life Time free secure hosting 

Your Connection is not private ( Solving Method ) :

    As said before this error occurs only because of Domain which haven’t secure this can be solved only by securing your Custom domain with an SSL certificate which was also available for free in many websites you can partially Download it from there and add it to your Domain 

  If you facing this issue in Blogger means you don’t need to worry just go to your Blogger settings and Switch off your Domain Redirection and then go to Domain DNS and change the Forwarding option with your domain and then just ( add The 4 ( A ) server which was given by Google you can find that page by clicking the Link above and those steps were clearly described there.


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