Google’s Free Machine Learning Course 2021

Machine Learning Course:

Free machine learning course by google

  • Google is offering a crash course for you which is absolutely free for everyone, this course is a fast-paced practical introduction to machine learning

  • Let’s look at some of the features of this crash course video series on machine learning using google so there will be 30 plus exercises in this course 

  • There are 25 lessons which are mainly video lessons, this is a 15 hour course so you can expect a ton of material about machine learning in this course, there will be lectures from google researchers 

  • You’ll also get to see real-world case studies that can enhance your learning even more. 

  • You will have interactive visualizations of algorithms in action which can be very helpful in learning 

  • As you can see, this is an overall full packed course on machine learning by google

Google machine learning course

  • If you click on start crash course you can see the modules of the course over here and the video starting from here 

Crash Course:

  • So this is where you’ll proceed with your course, also you don’t need to create an account or profile to enroll yourself

  • You can simply click on start crash course and you’ll be directed towards the page. where you can see the videos of the course 

  • So the process is really simple if you have very little knowledge of machine learning. 

  • you can also click on  view prerequisites to go through the material you need to learn before starting this crash course. 

  • You’ll get the complete learning path and the material you need to learn before starting this course.

  • The material is free of cost as well so this was about the machine learning crash course by google


  • For more information just contact us by visiting our site 

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