How to Connect your Mobile phone to External Hard Drive in Three Simple Steps

Connect your Mobile phone to External Hard Drive

External Hard drive :

How to Connect your Mobile phone to External Hard Drive

                You can connect both External Hard Drive or an Normal Hard Disk and it may be any Storage Space like 1 TB , 2 TB , 4 TB or more you can easily pair it to your mobile, some mobile phones does not supports Hard Drive Connection because of Unsupported Otg but you don’t need to worry If you Read this Article Completely you can easily connect your Mobile with Hard drive in Three simple steps 

Mobile Requirements :

            For this you must need an Android ( or ) Ios Mobile because Basic models do not support Hard drive in it so make sure your mobile phone is atleast an Normal Android Mobile then make sure that your mobile phone doesn’t have Hanging problem because you may face any issues if your mobile hanged while Transferring files through OTG

Some Latest mobile phones can able to connect Hard Drive to it without any additional Requirements via OTG option itself by it’s not 100% Safe so be Careful while Connecting 

Apps Required :

 To connect More than 1 TB memory storage Devices Like these Hard Drives you can’t able to connect and transfer files in some Old mobile devices for that here is the Solution for Connecting and Transferring files from your Mobile to External Drive , Just Download these Following Applications in your Mobile

( OTG pin is Required

How to Connect your Mobile phone to External Hard Drive

  1. exFat/NTFS 

     2. Total Commander

By using these two applications you can able to connect and Transfer files from your External Hard drive to your mobile phone without any Complication 

After Downloading the apps Follow these upcoming steps ,

  • First open the ( exFAT/NTFS ) application and Accept their Terms and Conditions 
How to Connect your Mobile phone to External Hard Drive

  • Now you can able to connect your Hard Drive through OTG pin 

  • This exFAT/NTFS application Helps you to connect your Hard Drive without Issues

  • Your Hard Drive will be automatically Detected on the App so next step is to Open the TotalCommander Application

How to Connect your Mobile phone to External Hard Drive

  • From this application you can transfer the file Both from the Mobile to Hard Drive and also Hard Drive to mobile

  • Just Select External Drive on that Application and select the file you want to transfer and copy 

  • Then paste it to your Required destination on your Mobile storage That’s It

Like this you can easily transfer any file you want 

After finishing just close the app and remove your OTG 

This is the only simple way to transfer Files from External Hard Drive to Mobile phone the App Links are Given above Just Use this Simple method




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