How to convert 32-bit Computer to 64-bit in Windows 10 – Eligibility 2020

Convert 32-bit  to  64-bit : 

          If your pc only having 32 bit operating system it can be easily concerted into 64 bit 

convert 32-bit Computer to 64-bit

        Before converting your pc to 64 bit you must need to confirm that your computer is  capable of installing 64 bit in it, to find this just follow the upcomming steps so you can pretty much sure to upgrade Process 

Checking Procedure :

  •    Right click on your My Computer window and click on the properties option

  •     There you need to click on Windows Experience index and open it

  •     On the right middle side of the window you can find View performance information and tools 

  •     Just open it by double clicking , an new tab will be opened like this 

convert 32-bit Computer to 64-bit

  •     Here from the system you can easily find the capability of upgrading your pc to 64 bit

  •     If you find your computer as 64-bit capable, you can Process now 

  •     This is more important before upgrading to 64-bit operating system

Boot Option :


After confirmation you can upgrade your pc to 64-bit by booting with 64 bit os


64-bit ( software ) this will be normally available in Google Browser 

  •     Just download the 64-bit software from Google browser

  •    And transfer it to the bootable USB pendrive 

  •   Insert the particular pendrive and boot it normally by pressing F11 key 

  •   To make this steps simple just watch videos about this conversion 

Check  64-bit  Eligibility :



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