How to Deactivate your instagram account in 2020

Deactivate Instagram Account

              It’s simple to deactivate any account’s in instagram that may be a Professional account or an personal account you can easily delete it by the following methods

How to Deactivate your instagram account in 2020

            To deactivate your instagram account in 2020 first you need to log in to your Instagram Account from Google Chrome because it’s not easy to deactivate your instagram account on mobile instagram application

Steps :

  • Then go on to your Instagram profile page of yours and click on Edit profile there

  • There you need to scroll down to get the Deactivate option

  • You will find Temporary Deleting option of the instagram account 

  • Just click that option and now you will be asked to confirm the settings just give done

  • Now your Instagram I’d will be deleted successfully but. 

  • You should not log in to that account for atleast 1 month because it will take a month 

  • To delete your Instagram account permanently so stay logged out

By following these above steps you can easily delete your unwanted instagram personal or professional accounts 

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