How to Earn Money from Adfly | Payment Proof -2020

How to earn money from adfly in 2021

Many have the doubt that, adfly really pays  here  we completely find out and also I am going to share you my own experience also my personal proof so that you can clear about adfly and its usage

Adfly Payment Proof 2021

If you are trying to earn money online surely you can consider adfly because it is one of the easy way to earn money just by sharing the link which you shorten from it


  • Open your Browser and search for Adfly and open the first page

  • At first you need to  sign up into the Adfly  account and  get into the dashboard

  • There you can find  link sorting option  on the top

  • Just you need to complete your profile setting by giving your correct name and your payment information

  • After completing your profile setting just come back to the dashboard of the adfly

  • Now just copy the link which you like to  Shorten  make sure that the selected link attracts people

Because  normally a trending topic  reaches more people very quickly so that make a lot of money in one day.

  • Paste the copied link on the  given column and just click on this sort button

  • Now your sorted link is live you just need to share it to all social platforms

  • I am sure that you are going to get a lot of money if  your shortened  link reached lot

Doe’s Adfly Really Pays ?

  • Here is the answer for  this question, if you have  any doubt about  adfly  payment i am going to clear it 

  • Adfly 100 % pays money ( See my payment proof below this Article ) 

  • And it doesn’t charge any extra amount on transferring money to your account

  • The withdraw process will be completed in one day itself ( i.e ) the money will be credited to your paypal account on the next day of withdrawal

Payment Modes :

You can withdraw your money in three ways 




most people use paypal to withdraw Their money because its easy to create and use all over tge world

Adfly Proof ( 2020 )

Adfly Payment Proof 2021

Transferd within a day

Adfly Payment Proof 2021

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