How to Fix 404 page not found error in Blogger from your website – 2020

404 Page not found

      404 page not found error occurs in every website because of some links which was not in use ( i.e ) the link (post)  got deleted by the owner of the website but the particular post indexed in google search results this error view may differ on template but this method works on all 

404 page not found page image

     And also some reasons are there for this issue like Deleted Article , Under construction Articles , etc…

404 page not found solution’s 

This  404 page not found error can be solved by Two methods just follow the below steps ( it is important to read the methods Completely because if you do any mistakes it may affect your site )

There are different steps will be followed between 
404 page not found in WordPress  &  Blogger these below solution is for Blogger.

Method 1 

  •          Open your Blogger and go to your settings page ( from the left middle ) from there Scroll down and find Errors and Redirections 

  • There are two options under It First is Custom 404 and the other one is Custom redirects 

Custom Redirections in Blogger

  •         In this first method we’ll see about Custom 404 Option , at first copy the Code below 

<h1>Just a Moment !</h1> 
<br><b>The page you are looking for may have been renamed or does not exist in this server.</b> 
<br><br><b>You will be redirected to homepage shortly.</b> 
blogger_redirect = setTimeout(function() { location.pathname= “/” }, 3000); 

  •        And click on the custom 404 option in Blogger settings and paste this code there ( you don’t need to do any changes in Theme option )

  •       After fixing this code in your settings your 404 page not found will automatically Redirects to your Home page in Three seconds 

  •      So that you don’t need to worry about your 404 Error pages on your website now itself

  •       Because from your website every error page will  be Redirected automatically 

Method 2

  •           The previous method will be more helpful than this method because of its uses 

  •            But if you like to make the Redirections manually then you can consider this method to solve 404 page not found error

  •            Like above mentioned steps go on to your settings and find Custom redirects Option 

404 page not found page image

  •            Then open an new Google tab and open the particular 404 page not found page on that just copy the page link 

  •            Then come back to your Blogger settings and select Custom redirects Option 

  •             Now click on Add button from the popup and next you need to give the copied link on the (From ____

Custom Redirections for 404

  •          And next paste the Required link that you like to redirects from your 404 page not found error page

  •        And finally click on permanent button and save the changes so that the Redirections will be done anymore 

  •        Anytime you can change the settings and links you want to change 

These two are the best working methods to solve your 404 page not found page from your website so that you will be good at your SEO


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