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Couldn’t attach drive file 

       This particular error occurs on Google Classroom while attaching new files or documents on your classwork and you can fix this error by following methods,

Couldn't attach drive file

Sometimes when we attached files on classwork it may load more than normal on that time you will get this ( Couldn’t attach drive file . Try again ) you can’t fix this by the app itself 

Google Classroom :

             Because of Corona Virus, schools and other Educational Sectors Taking classes online  this Google Classroom Plays a Big role students can easily get study materials , Assignments and also they can submit their projects via classroom 

           Comparing to other platforms Google Classroom have an Simple interface so that it’s easy to use but in some cases there are few Errors may occurs while submitting , opening a file in it but those problems were solved by Google help center 

Method 1 

  •                 When you get ( could not attach drive file )  on your classwork 

  •                  Just open your mobile settings and search for ( Apps )

  •                   Click on the Apps Option and search for Google classroom and open it

  •                    Now click on Permissions and select Storage permission 

  •                    Just select Allow option there if it’s Denied as Default 

  •                     Now come back to the app and Try to attach file


                 This method surely works but if your app already in Allow option as default just Follow the next method 


Couldn't attach drive file

Method 2 

  •                  On your settings option search for Apps & Notifications 

  •                   From Apps open Gamil and Click on the permissions in gmail

  •                    Same as before just make sure the Storage permission Is Allowed if it’s not just Allow it

                   Now you will be solved , this method works perfectly and make sure that your Google classroom app Is up to date by Searching it on playstore because this error also may occur because of that 

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