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Mobile Network Speed :

          Particularly in india there are many network providers and also they proved good internet speed at first but after that the internet speed goes down so many people in India jumping from one network to another in a short period of usage 

increase mobile internet speed

          The internet speed plays a main role in today’s life so if you want to improve internet speed just follow the steps below that will help you to increase your daily internet speed in a short time of period 

         It may be any network you use this method works perfectly maily if you use jio network you must read this Article so that you can boost network speed ever before 


Procedure :

  •          Open your Mobile settings and search for ( WIFI & Network ) from that select Sim & network settings 

  •          From there select your preferred Sim Network 

  • ( i.e ) the sim which you want to increase internet speed 

  •           After that click on ( APNs ) Access point names , there you need to do the following steps 

APNs :

increase mobile internet speed

  • Name : ( www. yournetwork .com )

  • APN : jioNet

  • Username : ( )

  • Server : ( )

  • MCC : 405

  • MCN : 865

  • Bearer : Select ( LTE )

After completing just restart your mobile because the server will restore the changes and it will automatically start recognising after the Restart 


Developer Setting :

                     By tapping 10 times on your Mobile Build Number from ( About Phone in Settings ) you can be an Devoloper so you have the power to change any internal default options of your mobile 

            Just scroll down there you Find ( Background process Limit ) just Enable it so that your network is partially taken by one application at a time 

Simple Trick : 

              If you are using 4G LTE network you can improve your network in simple method this is not recommended for everyone but if you want to Download anything big within a short time means just use this tip 

increase mobile internet speed

              Normally when you are in Call your Internet LTE speed Boost up because of the network  response  So you can Boost your internet by this steps 

These are the methods that I use personally and this will surely hepls you to improve your network speed without any charges 



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