How to set thumbnail on youtube live stream 2020

Thumbnail & Title : 

                 Thumbnail and Title are the main things while streaming these two will attract viewers to watch  your video a good thumbnail and Title makes the video Ranking higher on the search and also you must need to add Tags and a quality description on your video to Make it look good and professional

Follow these below steps to set Thumbnail and Title for your upcoming live on Youtube 
             _ FOR BOTH MOBILE AND PC _

  • Open Your Browser ( GOOGLE or CHROME )
and search for Youtube Dashboard 

  • After That Click on the First Link, You Get 
  • Here you will Enter into your YouTube dashboard ( The control system of your channel ) There you need to click on the Stream Option 

  • You will be Redirect to a New ( YOUTUBE LIVE CONTROL ROOM ) there you can completely modify your stream settings ( click on Next )
  • CLICK ON EDIT Button there you can change the Thumbnail of your live stream by clicking the Change Thumbnail option
  • And also You can change the TITLE of your stream ( you can also schedule a Live stream ) 

  • To schedule a Live stream click on the 📆 option there you will get ( schedule stream ) on Right Top click on that

  • You will get an option like This 👇

You can create a Title, Description, Thumbnail, Tags, etc.. ( and click on Create Stream )

▪ That’s simple – Now you can click on the start scheduled stream option on your streaming software and start your stream 

▪ Title & Description will be shown on the stream 

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