How to stream mobile games on streamlabs 2020

Stream Labs ( mobile )

      Stream Labs is one of the most popular applications in mobile streaming society many popular mobile streamers use stream labs, there are many streaming applications like stream labs In the play store, For example, omlet Arcade, AZ screen Recorder and much more but that’s all Are paid streaming apps they also don’t have much advantage like stream labs 

stream mobile games on streamlabs

Stream Labs ( Set up ) Tutorial :

    Here are the steps to Make a Perfect stream on YouTube using Stream Labs application

* Download stream labs from PLAY STORE ( because other online websites may not have current updates )

* Open The App ( Stream Labs ) and first you need to Log in using your YouTube, Twitch or Facebook Email ” you need to log in with your Desired ” 

stream mobile games on streamlabs

  • After logging in a pop up will open ( SELECT WIDGET ) there select on Alert Box, Event and Chatbox and click Next
stream mobile games on streamlabs

  • Then next step is to Enable your Camera and mic For streaming
stream mobile games on streamlabs

  • And After These steps Now you will be Entered into the Main page of Stream Labs

  • There  ( No Capture source Added )you need to click on Settings on Top Left corner and select Editor Option 

stream mobile games on streamlabs


stream mobile games on streamlabs

  • On that You need to Add screen By clicking the Three Lines on the Right Top there you can find ADD SCREEN option click on that 
stream mobile games on streamlabs

  • After click you will get a Frame on your Screen Just Fix The Frame in a Required Position 

stream mobile games on streamlabs

  • And next step is to add Other main Features Like Event Box, The Jar, Subs Count And much more You will Get an Idea By seeing The pictures Below

  • After Fitting All Those Options just click on the (Tick ✔️ ) on The Left Top and Come ⬅️

  •  You can also write something on the screen by clicking Add Text on Setting Option

!! NOTE !!  Don’t start The stream Before Giving the Title & Description of your stream 

* You can Update These By using your YOUTUBE DASHBOARD ( just go to the Live options and change the Title & Description you can also add Tags & Thumbnail and much more 

After That, you can come back to the steam labs application and start your stream by clicking the Start Button 🔴 on the centre you will get Five options Just Click on PERSIST if you are starting a new LIVE 

* If Not select the Required option and start the Live It’s that’s simple 

                    _ YOU ARE LIVE NOW _


                          MR.CREATOR ( channel )

                                     Watch it 


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