Pubg Mobile Big announcement on this Diwali 2020 – pubg Indian Version

Pubg Mobile :

           Pubg mobile is one of the most popular ( Battle Royal ) mobile game all over the world which supports both in ( Android & ios ) Tencent company from china developed the game for mobiles because before that pubg mainly concentrated in PC version after only they Designed the Mobile version of the game in partnership with Tencent  pubg mobile played by millions of people all over the world

India Banned pubg :

                    In india Because of some Privacy issues between India and China pubg mobile got banned by the Indian government in ( sep 2020 ) after pubg got banned in india many Gamers stoped playing in pubg in india but the ban was not processed completely because,

                 Pubg mobile isn’t stop working in india after pubg mobile banned many people played pubg without any server issues so every Pubg players confused because of Pubg server didn’t Turned off after ban 

On this time pubg mobile corporation tried to unban pubg mobile in india by giving their source information like – where the players information were stored – about privacy policy – etc….

                 But at the month of November 2020 Indian government released a update about pubg mobile ban ( i.e ) This time indian government completed their conversation with Pubg corporation and decided To stop pubg mobile working so this time the almost many Pubg accounts stoped working that makes gamers sad

( IN INDIA MORE THAN – 4 Million people playing PUBG MOBILE )!!

Because compared to other countries in india there are more only mobile users


  • After all of these Ban , review , Conversation , etc..

  • Finally pubg mobile coming back in India Before this December 

  • In this ( Diwali 2020 ) Pubg mobile going to announce their Release Date!!

  • Pubg mobile corporation Decided to turn their Partnership from  TENCENT to MICROSOFT AZURE

  • So that privacy issues will be solved and there are more chance of new updates in pubg mobile

 These update expected Before this December 

                !!  WHO ARE ALL WAITING !!

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