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Pubg Mobile :

              As we all know Pubg mobile global version banned in india after that many people stoped playing games but they can’t forget this particular game and also pubg taken many efforts to unban it in india but because of the privacy issue government refused

              So that the game company planed to take some important actions on bringing Pubg mobile back in india and also they know the only way to unban is by leaving the Tencent company and partnering with others which have same position 

Pubg Mobile India :

Pubg Mobile India Pre-register

              The gaming community in india now waiting pubg mobile Indian release date in india and its not going to be long soon Indian version will be launched in india on the play store other than that already an Pre-register process started in indian for indian people 

           This version is specially for india players and now pubg partnership with a well known company i.e Microsoft Azure so that now our privacy is also safe now comming for the Registration process

  •             You can Pre-register Pubg mobile India by the following method 

  •              Go on to Google search engine and search for Tap – Tap apk

Pubg Mobile India Pre-register

  •               Just downloaded the particular Tap Tap app and open it

  •                Search for Pubg Mobile India on that app and that will be the No.1 most wanted now

  •                  Click on Pre-register now and sign in via Gmail now you will be notified when the game beta has launched 

  •                  So that you can play before launching in play store , this will be an good news to pung lovers

                 From this we can believe that the game is 100 % comming to India who are all waiting !!

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