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Run Jar File in Windows 10 :

           You can simply use this following methods to open and Run your java – ( .Jar ) File in your windows 10 PC without any external sources an actual java files looks like this 

Run .jar file in Windows 10

So that we can easily identify the java file amoung others and 

RAR File to .Jar File :

        When you upload an Java file on your PC it will automatically turn into RAR file or an Unknown file that means you must need to turn it to a Java file 

  • If your ( .jar ) file looke like this                                             Run .jar file in Windows 10

  • then you need change it by installing  JDK file in your PC this file will more convenient.

  • ( you can download JDK file normally from the Google browser ) or by Clicking Here 

in some cases the rar file won’t open to solve that you need to change some formats in file explorer

Follow these steps,

Run .jar file in Windows 10

     * Open your File explorer

     * Click on the view Tab and drop down the options

   * Select Change folder option and from the view Tab just Unselect the Hide Extension for known file Type

     * Now you can open your Rar file 

Then to get acctual ( .jar ) java file you need to Right click on then File and Open it with Java Platform SE Binary option 

Now the process is 75 % Completed 

Opening ( .jar ) File :

  •         Right click on your Windows desktop and click on New – Text Document

  •          Rename the Text Document extension with ( .bat )  ( most important )

  • Now right click on your .bat file and click on Edit now you will be directed to the Note pad 


  •         There you need to Type (  java -jar (your file name here with Extension ) )

  •          Just save the Edit so that you can able to open your Java (.jar ) file now on your windows 10 Pc

many searching for | .jar file opener | .jar file opener windows 10 , etc.. but there are no java file openers Available you can simply open it by following this instructions 


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