School’s in Tamil Nadu not Reopening on ( 16/11/2020 ) Latest news

School Closed  :

Tamil Nadu school Reopening
TN schools

             Because of Corona Virus in the month of March 2020 schools and colleges in Tamil Nadu were Closed not only in Tamil Nadu all over the world all Education based Sectors remained closed 

           The Spread of COVID- 19 didn’t seem to stop so in many countries school remaining closed till now, In tamil Nadu also this situation going on so there is lot of issues when comes to school Reopening

TN Government Announcement :

             The Government of Tamil Nadu announced that  All schools and Colleges will be Reopened in (16/11/2020) after the discussion between Medical and Educational Sectors but That announcement got many Issues because of that Tamil nadu government Decided to make an POLL on Re-opening of Schools 

This was Taken from Parents & Students all over Tamilnadu


Tamil nadu schools Reopening
Today tending

Tamil Nadu school Latest news Today

              On  ( 11/12/2020 ) Tamil Nadu Chief minister attend an Event in Thuthukudi there after the Event over He met The  press there he taught about the Reopening of Schools he said  that statement will be released tomorrow

                Today ( 12/12/2020 ) morning at 9:00 PM an statement was released by the Government on that the information All schools will be remain closed”  and the Reopening date also not mentioned in that statement the Reopening date will be said by the government shortly, 

Government decision seems to be Happy News for many students school are expected to be opened by the month of January 2021             

This Decision is made because of students Health as said by Government what is your View about Decesion from the Government



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