The Ten Useful Websites for Students 2021 | In all Categories


  • This is a useful site for students and researchers which lets you save all the interesting stuff that you see online as the name suggests pocket is a site 

  • Which is more than just a bookmark with just a tap pocket saves article videos and websites for later 

get Pocket website uses 2021

  • You can design and curate your own space to collect items that you want to view at another time with a pocket you can organize content and create a reading experience that you want 

  • That way you can keep all your study sources and interesting articles nice and organized 


grammarly useful website 2021

  • Grammarly is one of the best tools to make online writing clear and effective, basically what this does is it checks grammar spelling and use of appropriate words.

  • It saves you from making embarrassing mistakes, especially while writing  an email 

  • It reduces a lot of headaches by correcting your mistakes and helping you achieve good grades 

  • It also comes with browser extensions and an Android app that are amongst people who are struggling to manage their finances.


  • If yes, check  out Mint with Mint and you will get to learn and plan your savings and spending The site also helps you organize your finances and track your spending 

  • So that you get to know when to spend your money and when  to tighten your wallet, mint automatically syncs that over to your other devices.

  • So that you can view your data anywhere at anytime, this also helps you to save the same portion of your income by allowing you to connect to all of your bank accounts 

  • for accurate and current financial information and use it to set a budget plan 


Life hacker useful website 2021

  • Life hacker is basically an online hub of tips, tricks and ideas that would be incredibly useful to know but hardly anyone teaches you 

  • The site teaches you to hack your daily life a lot easier, more convenient  and more comfortable. 

  • The site is well equipped with a lot of useful tips, tricks and hacks on topics like money, lifestyle, tech, health, finance and many more. 

  • It also houses interesting fun articles and in-depth articles i like how bad it is to eat the same thing every day or can you save by pausing your car insurance well you’ll have to check that out yourself 


Wolfram Alpha useful website 2021

  • If you are stuck with some problems related to mathematics, if yes, then allow me to introduce you to wolfram alpha 

  • Wolfram Alpha is a site which solves all your problems related to mathematics

  • Just enter your math problems or you can even take a clear picture of your problem and you will get your solution in no time 

  • you can access premium membership and unlock all the cool features just by saving the price you would otherwise spend on a cup of coffee. 


One Note Website uses 2021

  • One note is a note-talking web app from microsoft which lets you take handwritten notes 

  • It will automatically sync that over to your PC or tablet.So that you can view it anywhere at any time

  • one cool feature about OneNote is that you can even scan notes made on paper and make them searchable through OneNote

  • you can even attach audio, photos, hyperlinks and various labels and tags to organise your notes 


TED website Uses and Features 2021

  • Ted stands for technology entertainment and design. If you are unaware of Ted Talks

  • It is a platform equipped with speeches given at events from various experts from all over the world.


  • Ted is equipped with countless inspiring and educational videos on almost every topic from science to business to global issues 

  • The talks also motivate you and help you increase your productivity.The talks can be very informative and helpful for your project and the best thing about it is that it’s free 


Uses of Instructables website 2021

  • If you’re curious and want to learn a lot of stuff, instructable is a site for most of the makers teachers and innovators share their creations which tend to be very useful for learners 

  • If you love working on amazing hard work and cool projects then this is the site you should definitely check out with this site you can learn anything from cooking to coding 


Lucid Chart useful website 2021

  • Lucidchart is a useful site for student research and business professionals to make flowcharts wireframes and many more

  • The site also allows for collaborations with friends and it’s also equipped with offline features which helps to be productive even when offline 

  • The site is equipped with a whole bunch of templates which reduces a lot of headaches 


Solo Learn Useful website 2021

  • This site is something that you will need to take a closer look at if you want to step into coding 

  • Solo learning is a great platform for beginners and it includes every topic of coding 

  • It’s like social media for geeks and programmers. it includes coding challenges, blogs, and community discussion forums.

  • Not to mention tutorials with free certificates and also allows you to share your projects and make new friends. 

  • Even though it’s not completely free, the free version has a lot to offer. Solo Learning offers tutorials for C Plus, Python, Javascript, Data Science, Machine Learning, and many more 

  • The site is also equipped with a code playground where you can simply code on site 

  • It also has a mobile app that helps you learn on the go.That being said, I would like to end it here by sharing your thoughts about these sites and apps and letting us

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