WhatsApp New Features for Upcoming update in India 2021

Whats App ( old Features ) :

                           WhatsApp is one of the most using Application worldwide it is mainly used for chatting & Sharing Fun between people, the old what’s app only have the Features like Chatting, image & video sharing , daily status , calling , Location sharing these are the Common features of WhatsApp 

WhatsApp New Features 2021


                 ✳️ Disappearing message
                 ✳️ UPI ( QR Money Transaction )

                 ✳️ Multiple Login Devices

                 ✳️ Free up space ( junk clearing )

                ✳️ Accept calls on Pc (privacy Update)

 Explanation :

    1️⃣  Disappearing Messages :

WhatsApp New Features 2021

                   Particularly this update mainly concentrated on Disappearing sent message automatically after an particular period ( i.e ) The selected messages will be removed from the chat area automatically when it reached 7 days this can be set manually by the User so that the messages you sent to an particular person will be automatically deleted if you enabled that ( Disappearing Option )

  2️⃣ ( UPI ) QR Money Transaction :

WhatsApp New Features 2021
WhatsApp New Features 2021
WhatsApp New Features 2021
                          We can transfer money between our saved contacts & New contacts by using this feature and it’s just an UPI translation like other payment options ( eg : Paytm , phonepe , Gpay , etc ) here after WhatsApp joins this payment platform to make online cash transactions easier
Just you need to add your bank account details so that you will get an UPI I’d by using that you can transfer money and also you can pay with QR code because of UPI options

  3️⃣  Multiple Login Devices :

                           In Telegram Application we can connect same account in different devices at same time and use Both like that WhatsApp  bringing us this new feature ( i.e ) logging in to the same Account from Different Device’s will be available after this New Update come so you can use this feature and make your tasks easier

   4️⃣  Free Up Space ( caches clearing ):

WhatsApp New Features 2021

As you all know whatsApp has a limited Storage space and that may slow up your device and also the Downloaded Images were Stored in Background but hereafter 

WhatsApp New Features 2021

You can manage the storage by clearing it like deleting same images , deleting unwanted chats , etc. From an desired Option for that so it will be done easily by one click 

   5️⃣  Accept calls on Pc ( & Privacy update )

WhatsApp New Features 2021

                     Now we also accept calls on PC from this new Update so that you can receive voice calls on your Computer & mainly comming to Privacy update we can Report a person by submitting the Particular screen shot to the What’s app Report page and you can Block unwanted chats using this new privacy Update!!


Soon it will be in India _



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