Xiaomi Mini PC Windows 10 – Newly Launched 2020

Computer Development :

Mini Computer


Developing a computer is not an easy task that I’ve already mentioned computer is not only hardware and software they only combined with hardware and software other than that there is more minor and major things are there in the development of an computer 

Evolution of computer :

Evolution of computer

          From the Year of 1930’s to This Mini computers the development of the computer changed a lot the first computer which was named as Z1 and it Filled a complete Room with its components and also it doesn’t have 98 -percent features of this modern computer’s but on that time world didn’t expect that from that day to this day many things have changed Including the monster Z1 ( first computer ) 

Mini PC :

             Mini Computer is an advanced level of Normal Computer there are many Types of computer Invented and also there are lot and lot of softwares are there in the world but they all are same from then to now (i.e) an software can be modified inner and outer without development but in this case of Hardware there are many work to do like making the hardware in a finite one which having all features is not simple

Computer software

the first mini Computer was Invented in the Year of 1960’s and the first Mini Computer  ( now a days it’s only the normal Computer ) Sold for $120000
After that only many computers were sold and and on those days many people interested in buying computers that made many computers sell and the world developed Lot and Lot of Computer users were came and that make many invention 


Developing Computer

In 90’s more and more inventions were came by the people all over the world because of the invention of Computer that invention made more inventions which helped the whole world, now a days there are Many Advanced Device’s came like 
Smart phones , etc… But Computer stands lead In comparing with other Devices because of its ability,

On comparing with the Normal Desktop PC this types of small computers ( i.e ) Mini PC doesn’t have Advanced Features and Capabilities But these are the step stone of upcoming Devices 

Now let’s See about the newly Came ( XIAOMI Mini PC )

Xiaomi Mini PC Windows 10 :

Xiaomi Mini PC Windows 10


Xiaomi Presented a  ( 64 * 64 * 42 )  sized Computer which was Highly compact in usage we can carry it wherever we go this device comes with
Quad – core Intel  ( J4125 ) processor with the turbo frequency of 2.7 GHz  Because of this the Device can handle medium form of Works in it but on applying a lot of load the device may struggles



INTEL UHD600 Graphics Processor

8 GB – RAM 

M.2 Solid State – HARD DRIVE ( 256 GB )

Support WIFI & Bluetooth CONNECTION

Ports in Mini Computer


::: PORTS :::

* HDMI port


* USB 3.0

* Memory Card slot


Using HDMI we can connect it with MONITOR , TELEVISION and the normal screen which is capable of connecting HDMI 

This Particular Device is Now Available on 
 ( XIAOMI China Online Stores )

Price in China – starts from _( 999 YUAN )_ 
Approximately _ $150 

Soon It will be in ( India & other countries )

       !! Stay Connected for the Launch !!


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